Christmas Time is NEAR!

Hey guys! As you can PROBABLY tell, I celebrate Christmas. It is my FAVOURITE time of year!! What about you? What do YOU celebrate!? I know for a fact that I celebrate Christmas, Easter, SOMETIMES Halloween; but it’s not that big, and my… BIRTHDAY!! My Birthday has already passed..(July-Yes I’m a Leo) but there’s still more to COME! Back to Christmas, I’ve realised some people DON’T celebrate Christmas.. But that’s ok! There’s PLENTY of other things you can do! By the way, I have noticed I don’t get ANY comments and I’m pretty sure NO VIEWS either. PLEASE comment on your thoughts of Christmas because ‘ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS.. IS VIEWS!!’

Why do our voices CHANGE as we get OLDER??

Hey, some of you know the answer to this DON’T you! Well, yeah… DON’T freak out but it is called PUBERTY.I know, I know you find it a bit gross.. but hey, YOU’RE going to go through it!(It’s where you go through changes from kid to adult.)

So, for specifically MALES, voice changes or cracking/breaking happen in your lungs. It’s when two flappy little gum-like pears  in your throat are changing. They start to enlarge and may have some visible changes. Voice cracking STARTS. But, don’t worry because it doesn’t last forever. As you get older it still has different changes but that isn’t PUBERTY, it’s different; it’s when your vocal folds (little gum-like pears) get older and weaker. THAT’S ALL FOR THIS CHALLENGE! Thanks for reading and, DON’T forget to comment! Is it happening to you? What are your thoughts of this!?

My Avatar!

Hey again. It’s me! This is my avatar. I look like this ALOT. Judging by my eyes, I guess you can tell.. I LOVE to have fun! (and I do!) I enjoy HARRY POTTER. I’m absolutely OBSESSED! Hey! Do you watch Harry Potter, too? If you do, Comment and maybe we can have a bit of an obsession conversation! Hahaha.. Maybe not, but that’s ok! I love buns, by the way, so if your wondering why that hairstyle.. There you go! Thanks again for checking out my blog and see you soon, Peeps!!

#Hey Peeps! (slang for people)

Hey people of the world! I’m Eva, in Year 5. I’m 11 years old. I LOVE to create and imagine, so if your into that sort of thing to, I don’t think you’ll want to click off just yet! This blog will be about ideas, crazy thoughts and YOUR imagination!! Any idea you have, feel free to post; I’m surely going to reply and probably start conversations between us, and others! As you can probably tell, I am a very Enthusiastic child, and yes- you’re right! But, I can be very different sometimes.. I can be quiet, obviously enthusiastic, and change my emotions VERY quickly… I am quite talented in some subjects like writing, reading, sport and DEFINETLY Music!